We Want to Make More Loans

Loans are essential to the Credit Union and we want to lend more.

We make loans for all sorts of different reasons.
Improving your home? New kitchen or bathroom? Changing your car? Planning a holiday?
Want to buy an annual season ticket to take advantage of the saving compared to monthlies? Whatever you have in mind, we can often help.

Some loans we make are for more than £5000, but most were for less than £1500. Our aim is to keep borrowing affordable, so interest rates are usually lower than other forms of credit, there are no hidden extras and, if you pay off the loan early you, pay less interest – no penalties! Of course, checks are made to make sure that you can afford the repayments but our mainly volunteer staff are always keen to help if they can – no high pressure sales people here!  If you are a homeowner, you may be eligible for our Home Owners Loan with particularly competitive interest rates.

Click here to see which Loan would be best for you.

Remember that by borrowing from our not-for-profit credit union, you are helping us to support the wider local community and promote financial responsibility.

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