Not just for the less well-off

People sometimes tell us that the typical credit union user is someone who the large banks don’t want as a customer and so isn’t relevant to them. This is simply not true!

Many people become our members because they want a local community-oriented bank rather than a big commercial financial institution. They know that a credit union is a convenient place to save money for a rainy day and a place to borrow modest amounts when the need arises. They understand that by becoming a member and/or taking out a loan, they are supporting the local community.

Saving with, St Albans District Credit Union is easy, you can open an account online at, at our office or one our customer centres. For more details click here

Whether for a replacement car, that holiday you’ve been thinking about, or an unexpected expense, we try to make getting an affordable loan as simple as possible. We will treat you as an individual; your personal circumstances will be carefully considered by our volunteer loans officers and, provided we are sure that you can afford the repayments, a loan can be granted quickly. Homeowners can get particularly attractive interest rates on loans of £5,000 or more. For more details click here

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