Mayor Praises Work of St Albans District Credit Union

Speaking at a Xmas meeting for volunteers on Tuesday (18th December), the Mayor of St Albans City & District, Rosemary Farmer, praised the work of the local credit union and thanked those who give their time to make it successful.

The Mayor with Colin Metcalf (Chairman of St Albans District Credit Union)

She said “It’s a great thing you do here in St Albans and across the whole district … helping people who can often be excluded from the mainstream.”  She cited particularly the RPF scheme that the credit union runs in conjunction with the Council – “That is really important because it does mean that people who would otherwise not be able to find a home are able to do so.  I know that it has been a significant number you have been able to help and this has increased in 2018.”


Looking forward to 2019, she noted the challenge that the credit union faces in attracting loan applications from the wider community, not just those with limited finances, in order that the credit union can continue to be strong enough to help those in need.

Homeowners can apply for a loan of over £5000 at a great rate of interest (0.48% per month), while helping the local community by clicking here

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