Standard Loans

For those who are in employment and can show that they are able to meet the repayments, but who do not meet the criteria for saver loan. In some circumstances, we may require a suitable guarantor.

We may use credit reference and fraud prevention agencies to help us make decisions. What we do and how both we and credit reference and fraud prevention agencies will use your information is detailed here

If you are not already a member of St Albans District Credit Union, you will be required to join before a loan can be issued. Join Today

Interest on a standard loan will normally be charged at 2% per month (APR 26.8%) but in some cases (e.g. people with a good credit history and/or people with a regular income, etc.) the rate can be 1% per month (12.7%).

What repayments will I have to make?
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"We wanted to get a flat together. We could afford the rent but the deposit was just too much all in one go. We spoke to the credit union and got a loan that we could afford"