Have you seen “A Matter of Life & Debt” yet?

The hugely successful television series, ‘A Matter of Life & Debt’ returned for its second season on BBC One and iPlayer.

The series tells the story of credit unions and some other community lenders, through the eyes of the staff and those that have benefitted from using them, in big and in small ways.

Season one was the most popular show on TV for its time slot and attracted 25% of TV audiences (1.25 million people). Throughout its duration of 15 episodes, over 48,000 people visited the Find Your Credit Union website and over 30,000 found a credit union available to them.

Reflecting on the show’s impact, Sara Osbourne from Derbyshire Community Bank said: “It is a sad fact that most people still don’t know credit unions exist as an affordable alternative to high interest, doorstep, payday or unregulated lenders, even though credit unions have been around for over 50 years.”

You can catch up with the episodes on BBC iPlayer by clicking here.

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