COVID 19 – Lending

This is a difficult time for all of us in many ways. The Credit Union is aware that a number of its members, and many in the wider community, will be experiencing hardship due the effects of the coronavirus. As a responsible lender we will follow the government and financial industry guidelines in dealing with these effects and we are ready to offer assistance where we can.  Please note that our St Albans office has re-opened (see the separate News post above for details).

For existing borrowers:  If you are experiencing financial hardship due to the coronavirus, please contact us to discuss your options for repayment of your credit union loan. We are regularly monitoring emails ( and telephone (01727 859135).

For existing Credit Union members:  We are still able to review new loan applications and, depending on the complexity of the application, make decisions. The speed of decision will depend on how easily you are able to let us have information like bank statements via the internet. Please submit loan applications through our website,

Non-members of the Credit UnionOur St Albans office has re-opened (see the separate News post above for details). Non-members are still welcome to make applications through the website. They may upload required bank statements via the website or email them separately to the office ( If we are likely to be able to make the loan, we will invite you for a pre-arranged interview at the office, conducted under social distancing.  At the interview we will also request to check ID documents. Please appreciate that the process may take a bit longer than previously, but use of the website will speed it up. 

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