Condolences for Martin Hunt

The Condolence Book for Martin Hunt (together with a cheque from the collection for £3385 including the Credit Union contribution) was delivered to Martin’s mother (Martin’s son and daughter were also present).  They were overwhelmed both by the size of the collection and the very moving comments in the book.

Martin’s mother has sent the following letter of thanks:

“To all colleagues and friends of Martin Hunt

 We were overwhelmed to receive £3,385 in donations in Martin’s memory.

We, of course, knew what a kind and caring person he was but we didn’t realise how much he touched the lives of others, which is reflected in your very generous donations, the comments written in the Book of Condolence and the many cards and letters received.

Martin’s love in life was his family and the Credit Union! In fact, the Credit Union became a part of his ‘family’.

We are all devastated beyond words but to know that Martin meant so much to so many means so very much, and from the bottom of our hearts, Thank You, each and every one, for the letters and cards of sympathy, your comments in the Book of Condolence and for your very generous donations.

On behalf of all Martin’s family,

With much love,

Gloria Challis



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