Commuters – Save £’00s with a Low Cost Season Ticket Loan!

Commuters – are you buying weekly or monthly season tickets because the upfront cost of an Annual Season Ticket is too much to pay at one go?

Even after interest payments, you can save hundreds of pounds if you take a Season Ticket Loan from St Albans District Credit Union and buy an Annual Season ticket from St Albans or Harpenden.

Based on current prices, St Albans commuters to Zones 1-6 could save £304 compared to buying Monthlies or a massive £493 compared to buying Weeklies. For Harpenden commuters the savings are even more – £674 compared to buying Monthlies and £1,116 compared to buying Weeklies!

And don’t forget ticket prices are scheduled to rise again in January! Click here to see how to apply for your Season Ticket Loan!

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