Beware scammers posing as credit unions!

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) which regulates the St Albans District Credit Union has issued this warning in the face of suspected scamming by the Chesterfield Credit Union:
— Treat all unexpected calls, emails and text messages with caution. Don’t assume they’re genuine, even if the person seems to know some basic information about you.
— Don’t be pressured into acting quickly. A genuine bank or financial services firm won’t mind waiting if you want time to think.
— If you’re buying a financial product such as a loan, insurance, investment or pension, only deal with a FCA-authorised firm – check our Register ( to see if the firm is registered. Always access the Register from our website, rather than through links in emails or on a firm’s website (it might be part of the scam).
— Always double-check the URL and contact details of a firm in case it’s a ‘clone firm’ pretending to be a real firm, such as your bank or a genuine investment firm.
— Check the list of unauthorised firms and individuals we’ve received complaints about. If the firm isn’t on our list, don’t assume it’s legitimate – it may not have been reported to us yet.

Don’t forget that your money is safe with St Albans District Credit Union, all savings with us are guaranteed under the Financial Services Compensation Scheme click here for details

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