AGM via Telephone Conference.

The board have decided to conduct this year’s AGM via telephone conference as well at the original venue.  Update – the original venue will now not be open so telephone conference is the only option

The AGM will still be at 20:00 Wednesday 18th March. You can access the Telephone conference by dialing a landline number. Please email our office at before 18:00 18/3 to receive the dial-in details, title your email ‘AGM’.

*Normal charges to a landline number will apply if not included in your phone contract

 We will open the call from 19:50, please call before 20:00 so we can register everybody -We will take a roll call so please be ready to give your name when you enter the call.

The agenda for the AGM can be found here and copies of the audited accounts for the year to 30 September 2019 are available here and minutes of the previous AGM are available here.

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